Slicing Allegan MI

Receive expert advice on how to end slicing. Slicing is almost never wanted, but almost always happens. Learn the secrets that put an end to slicing.

Golf Lessons: Alignment Allegan MI

Open shoulders at address force the clubhead to come from outside the target line. This path, combined with a face that’s square to the target, imparts the dreaded left-to-right sidespin.

Golf Lessons: Draws Allegan MI

Most golfers slice. Worse, most golfers don’t know why, and don’t know how to stop. The art of slice fixing is best approached not necessarily by trying to stop slicing, but rather by learning what it takes to hit a draw.

Golf Lessons: Squaring the Clubface Allegan MI

There’s only one thing that can cause a slice, and that’s a clubface that’s either open (or opening) at the point of contact. That being said, here are three tips to help you square up the clubface and rid your game of that slice forever!