Shotmaking Portland ME

Golf shotmaking is a crucial aspect of the game. The ability to control one’s shot is highly valued and turns a golfer into a great golfer. Learn the secrets from the pros here.

Golf Lessons: Hybrids Portland ME

Hybrid clubs are incredibly useful, so long as you know how to swing one. You'd be surprised at how many golfers have hopes of making use of these versatile clubs, often with no clue of how—or of what the hybrid was designed to do in the first place.

Golf Lessons: Obstacles Portland ME

You’ll discover the need to hit over an obstacle—tree, fence, even a scoreboard—during the course of an everyday round. And while amateurs fear the shot, pros know that only a few setup adjustments can fuel success

Golf Lessons: Playing against Wind Portland ME

When you want to hit shots under a head wind, don't play the ball way back in your stance and hit down on it harder than normal. This technique, which is very common among amateurs, tends to produce chunks, thin shots and occasionally solid shots that have a ton of spin and balloon up into the wind.

Golf Lessons: Trajectory Portland ME

A key element to becoming a better player is learning to create different ballflight trajectories on command. It's this aspect of your play that will allow you to effectively tackle a variety of situations ranging from lob pitches to knockdowns to recovery shots.