Short Game Alamo TX

How’s your short game? Many people struggle when they are close to the green. Read up on some tips and tricks to help differentiate yourself from the rest of the golfers.

Golf Lessons: Bunker Shots Alamo TX

Bunkers elicit a common reaction from most recreational golfers. That reaction is fear—fear of leaving the ball in the bunker, fear of blasting it over the green, fear of looking foolish, etc.—and it stems from misunderstanding how a sand wedge is designed to function.

Golf Lessons: Chipping Alamo TX

Chipping and putting are two areas of the game where everyone can improve. Improve your chipping and putting, and you'll significantly reduce your handicap. Read more.

Golf Lessons: Pitching Alamo TX

Golfers who are confused about the amount of body action normally associated with a pitch shot can learn from the simple mental image of pitching horseshoes. During this underhanded motion, the arms and body work together in response to the target. The body parts don’t need to be consciously controlled; rather they should react naturally to the command of pitching the horseshoe based on what the eyes see as a target.