Putting Alexander City AL

Putting can make or break any golfer. Putting requires finesse and the right tool. Learn tips on how to putt and lower your score.

Golf Lessons: Breaks Alexander City AL

When reading a putt's break, it's important to keep in mind that two major factors impact how much it breaks: speed and slope. When both of those ingredients are perfectly aligned, it's a winning combination. Read more.

Golf Lessons: Drills Alexander City AL

A quiet body, a ball at rest, a short back-and-forth motion—how could something so simple cause so many headaches? It’s a question that occupies the minds of touring professionals and weekend warriors alike. If you need some help getting your past your putting fears, try some drills to help get your game in good shape.

Golf Lessons: Grip Alexander City AL

there are common elements to good putting grips that enable the golfer to consistently strike the ball in the center of the putterface. One of these elements is gripping the putter with the palms, rather than the fingers.

Golf Lessons: Set Up Alexander City AL

Unlike the golf swing, there are almost no centrifugal forces at work in the putting stroke. Therefore, whatever you do at address pretty much determines what you’ll do with the putter during the stroke. In studying the best players on Tour, it’s easy to find common denominators in both their setup positions and strokes.

Golf Lessons: Stroke Alexander City AL

Golfers use two kinds of putting strokes: a square- to-square stroke that swings (and stays) square to the target line and an arcing stroke that travels inside the target line on the backstroke and follow through. If you need some help improving your stroke you'll find tips and information on how to do that right here.

Golf Lessons: Yips Alexander City AL

Why do people get the yips? From a lack of confidence they feel after missing short putts and from anticipating poor impact. Read more.