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If you want to maximize fun and minimize panic on your next golf vacation, then prepare up front. That is, think about where you’re heading and what’s unique about that place. Then imagine everything you might encounter on your journey, and address your concerns before you walk out your front door.
Golfers who are confused about the amount of body action normally associated with a pitch shot can learn from the simple mental image of pitching horseshoes. During this underhanded motion, the arms and body work together in response to the target. The body parts don’t need to be consciously controlled; rather they should react naturally to the command of pitching the horseshoe based on what the eyes see as a target.
The way pros fit you varies. If the fitting system he or she uses is from a club manufacturer, it’s skewed toward that brand’s clubs. Otherwise, if it’s from an independent fitting-system manufacturer, the resulting data can be universally applied to all brands.