Faults & Fixes Brighton CO

A great gold swing takes years of practice. Do you hook, draw, or simply shank the ball? Learn some great tips to prevent faults and improve your swing.

Golf Lessons: Hands Brighton CO

If you have tension in your hands and arms, you’ll end up dragging the clubhead through the hitting zone. Adopting a tension-free hold is the way to grip every club in your bag.

Golf Lessons: Knees Brighton CO

Everyone knows that the golf swing is both an around and up-and-down motion. Where the around part is considered, your right knee (left for left-handers) plays a critical role in that it serves as the hub around which your body turns both back and through.

Golf Lessons: Swing Finish Brighton CO

Basically, there are only two positions in the golf swing: the address and the finish. Everything else is a motion and, as such, difficult to analyze. But the finish is static and allows for serious self-analysis. If you know what to look for, then how you end your swing can give you some good ideas of what’s going on in your motion.

Golf Lessons: Tee Shots Brighton CO

One of the best ways to become a straight hitter is to learn how the club should swing through the ball and not at the ball in a smooth, centered motion. To do that, the body ought to rotate all the way through the shot, and the arms should extend into the finish.