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Driving Altus OK

When driving, the goal is to hit the ball as far down the fairway as possible. A long drive is a key component to any golfer’s game. Learn tips from some of the best to improve your driving abilities.

Golf Lessons: Distance Altus OK

If your driving suffers from inconsistency and a lack of distance, you may be tied up with too many thoughts about swing mechanics. Free your mind at address and focus on a specific target in the fairway where you want the ball to land.

Golf Lessons: Power Driving Altus OK

Your weight should shift left with your lower body onto your left heel while your head maintains its position. This is vital to achieving the power you’re looking for. Read more about golf.

Golf Lessons: Speed Altus OK

Often, golfers will try to increase their swing speed by overpowering the downswing with their arms and shoulders, regrettably resulting in the dreaded over-the-top move and slice-induced blow to the ball. Real power comes from delivering the club on the correct angle.

Golf Lessons: Total Driving Altus OK

Long hitters transfer energy from their body to the clubhead in the proper sequence of actions. Short hitters move all the same body parts, but in the wrong order. How can you hit it far and straight? Read on.